Hi everyone,

I have questions about the Arduino MKR1300 and the MKR2UNO Adapter. Are they compatible ?
I read that the MKR2UNO Adapter is only compatible with the MKR1000.
If they aren't, is there an other shield which is ready to use with the MKR1300 ?
Furthermore, is there a touchscreen compatible with the MKR1300 ?

Thanks for help ! :slight_smile:

I've glanced at the schematics and from what I can tell it looks like it should work. They are both same Cortex MO chips, same voltage and PIN's match up. I believe that the MKR2UNO is just a pin adapter for MKR board to an UNO. Since they are from the same series with same pin outs I would assume it would work.

there is a disclaimer on the MKR2UNO page... not sure what this means:
"Please note that currently the MKR2UNO adapter is compatible only with MKR1000 without headers"

The reason for that disclaimer is that the MKR boards with headers use pass through headers which provide male pins on the bottom of the MKR board and female headers on the top of the MKR board. If you plug one of those into the MKR2UNO adapter then the female headers on the top of the MKR board stick up farther than the female headers on the MKR2UNO, which will prevent you from being able to plug a shield into the MKR2UNO (which is the whole point of the MKR2UNO). For this reason, you would only want to use MKR boards that only have male pins on the bottom of the board and no female headers on the top of the board. Theoretically, it is possible to desolder the pass through headers from the MKR boards and replace them with the common male headers, but that desoldering process may be quite difficult unless you're skilled at soldering (or have a desoldering pump). Otherwise, you might even end up damaging your MKR board.

Thanks wolframore and pert for your answers. That really help me.

I think my objectiv is going to be difficult to reach. In fact, I post that question because I want to try the MKR1300 with Lora connectivity for a project and use the MKR2UNO to connect a touchscreen on it. Furthermore I want to add a Grove RTC Modules so I need a board with Grove connectors or a touchscreen already equiped.
There's maybe a touchscreen compatible with the MKR1300 cheaper like this one:

If you want Grove connectors for your MKR board, there is the MKR Connector Carrier:
That is compatible with any MKR board, except maybe the MKR Vidor 4000 (because it's longer and so might hit the screw terminals on the Connector Carrier).

You could also stick a set of pass-through headers into the MKR2Uno board to act as extenders, couldn’t you?

Thanks DrAzzy for your suggestion.
My first objectiv was to use essentially a programming board and a shield and package all of this in a case.
However I can use wires to extend the MKR board.
Someone know a touchscreen which is working on 3.3V ?

Thanks pert for your information about the Grove board.