Compatible lcd12864 components to replace dfrobot lcd12864 shield


Ive been doing a product development using dfrobot lcd12864 shield with arduino uno by using u8glib. Now I want to create a prototype with simplified pcb board based on arduino uno and the shield.

  1. Could someone please provide the glcd component number so that i dont have to change my program (i tried using a glcd that i purchased but its not compatible with my program).

  2. It would be best if u provide me a link where I can buy this component.

Help is very much appreciated.. Thank you for the supports

I think with u8glib you should be able to move to most other GLCDs of the same size. However i guess, the shield uses a classical ST7576 based LCD. There is no single part number, you get such displays in many different colors, lightning options and sizes:

Here are some examples with the ST7576 controller:

But with u8glib you are not limited to the ST7576 controller. You could use most other 128x64 display also, like this OLED:

You should just check the u8glib list of supported controllers on the u8glib project page.


Thanks Oliver..

I've purchased adafruit Graphic ST7565 Positive LCD.. What changes should I make to the program that I've written for DFR robot with u8glib?


I think you only need to modify the constructor. But you could try with the existing constructor, means, no change might be required at all.