Competitive Project-Electric Vehicle

The goal of this project is to create a vehicle that can race down a track and stop as close to a target as quickly as possible. All I need is a power motor system that fits into the rules and optimizes performance.

The full track can be from 9 to 12 meters long but it is only timed for the first 8 meters.

My vehicle last year was about 1 kg and covered 8 meters in 2.6 seconds.

I am limited to 9 volts of potential difference but can put batteries in parallel to get more amps.

Currently I am looking into inrunner bldc motors that run on a 2 cell lithium polymer battery
Do you have any recommendations

If you know of motors or batteries that could work for my project, posting about it would be nice.
*if the motor has a brake that would be cool

The choice of motors has nothing to do with Arduino programming and you will probably get much better (and faster) advice on some Forum that deals with model car racing.