Compilation Error: plugin needed to handle lto object

While trying to compile a small test program for an Arduino Uno board in Linux, I get the messages

/usr/bin/avr-ar: core/WInterrupts.c.o: plugin needed to handle lto object
/usr/bin/avr-ar: core/core.a(WInterrupts.c.o): plugin needed to handle lto object

I have successfully overcome the missing headers situation. I have unchecked Arduino updating itself at startup.

What shall I do to overcome this LTO problem?

Some important information:
Running OpenSUSE Leap 42.3, fully updated.
Installed all Arduino-related packages; here the the most important ones:

Arduino 1.8.5-7.1
arduino-kit 1.8.5-1.1
aruino-hardware 1.8.5-7.1
avr-libc 2.0.0-10.1
cross-avr-binutils 2.29.1-13.1
cross-avr-gcc8 8.0.1+r256686-3.1

why are you making your life difficult? Arduino Playground - OpenSUSE

The manual on the OpenSuse's website was outdated.

I had to perform many operations, install new packages, create links, and finally resolved the problem.

Is is not possible to just download the IDE from the "Linux 32 bits" or "Linux 64 bits" links at: