Compilation Error

Arduino:1.8.3 (Windows 10), Tarjeta:"Arduino/Genuino Uno"

C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\arduino-builder -dump-prefs -logger=machine -hardware C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware -hardware C:\Users\JL_Ba\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages -tools C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\tools-builder -tools C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\tools\avr -tools C:\Users\JL_Ba\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages -built-in-libraries C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries -libraries C:\Users\JL_Ba\OneDrive\Documentos\Arduino\libraries -fqbn=arduino:avr:uno -ide-version=10803 -build-path C:\Users\JL_Ba\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_49905 -warnings=none -build-cache C:\Users\JL_Ba\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_cache_434892 -prefs=build.warn_data_percentage=75\Users\JL_Ba\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\arduino\tools\avrdude\6.3.0-arduino9\Users\JL_Ba\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\arduino\tools\arduinoOTA\1.1.1\Users\JL_Ba\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\arduino\tools\avr-gcc\4.9.2-atmel3.5.4-arduino2 -verbose C:\Users\JL_Ba\OneDrive\Escritorio\_123\_123.ino
readlink C:\Users\JL_Ba\OneDrive\Escritorio\_123\_123.ino: El sistema no puede encontrar el archivo especificado.

Error compilando para la tarjeta Arduino/Genuino Uno.

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For details, see:

The Arduino developer has been working on a fix for this issue but is not able to reproduce the original issue so is having difficulty knowing whether they have succeeded. If you want to help out to get this problem fixed and make sure that the next release of the Arduino IDE can be used with OneDrive it would be really helpful if you (or anyone who is able to reproduce this problem) could do some testing and give feedback:

  • Save a sketch somewhere under your OneDrive.
  • Compile it with the Arduino IDE to verify that the "readlink" error occurs"
  • Download the beta build of the Arduino IDE:
  • Unzip the downloaded file.
  • Run the file arduino.exe that is inside the unzipped folder.
  • Compile the same sketch that is in your OneDrive with the beta build of the Arduino IDE
  • Report your results, either on the GitHub issue tracker or you can reply here and I'll relay the information over


Google Translate:

El desarrollador de Arduino ha estado trabajando en una solución para este problema, pero no puede reproducir el problema original, por lo que tiene dificultades para saber si han tenido éxito. Si desea ayudar a solucionar este problema y asegurarse de que la próxima versión del Arduino IDE se pueda utilizar con OneDrive, sería realmente útil que usted (o cualquier persona que pueda reproducir este problema) pudiera hacer algunas pruebas y Dar opinion:

  • Guarde un boceto en algún lugar debajo de su OneDrive.
  • Compilarlo con el IDE de Arduino para verificar que se produce el error "readlink"
  • Descargue la versión beta del IDE de Arduino:
  • Descomprime el archivo descargado.
  • Ejecute el archivo arduino.exe que se encuentra dentro de la carpeta descomprimida.
  • Reúna el mismo boceto que está en su OneDrive con la compilación beta del Arduino IDE
  • Informe sus resultados, ya sea en el rastreador de problemas de GitHub o puede responder aquí y transmitiré la información a través de


Update on the OneDrive situation:
With some help from a community member, the Arduino developer was able to reproduce the issue. It turns out the problem was not fixed in the beta build of the Arduino IDE but if anyone wants to try the fix there are now a couple versions of the fixed arduino-builder tool available here:

The "" is for Arduino IDE 1.8.5. "" is for if you're using the beta build of the Arduino IDE. Just replace the file arduino-builder.exe in your Arduino IDE installation folder with the one you find inside the downloaded .zip file.

It sounds like this problem likely won't be resolved in a stable release version of the Arduino IDE until August at earliest because they need to wait for the 1.11 release of the Go programming language, which contains the fix and that release is scheduled for August 1, after which Arduino will need to make their own release of the Arduino IDE using the new Go version to compile the arduino-builder tool. At least there has been some progress on this issue even if the final solution is not soon to arrive.