Compilation for a variation of a PIC32

I'm trying to get the Arduino IDE to compile for the PIC32MX170F256B. I've found a ChipKit entry for a board called Lenny that does the 270. I thought that this would work, but I have not had success.

Is there a guide available for digging into this? A How-To for converting and what files to touch?

Wow. I was going to refer you to the ChipKit forums, but they look pretty dead :-(

Generally, create a new "variant" directory and "board" for the chip, copy in the source code for the closest matching chip, attempt to compile "Blink" and attack errors one at a time, proceeding to increasingly complex example sketches until you have "enough" working for your purposes.

(well, it looks like the 170 is about the same as the 270, only without USB. So perhaps removing the USB code would be the first thing to do...)

Here’s the specification for Arduino’s hardware packages, like the ChipKit one you’re using:

It’s not really what you’re asking for, but it might be a helpful reference if you’re browsing around through the ChipKit package’s files.