compilation problem with Arduino 0018


Sorry, I didn't notice that it was the english forum...

So, I just made an updating (Arduino 0018.)

  • The compilation doen't work : I get a message with « Blink » for instance, such « java.langa;NullpointerExeption followed by « n » lines « at ( : 75 » etc.etc.

  • I then made an updating of Java (131) which is activated in Firefox ( I took into account the remark to modify préferences ).

Same problem, no compilation (working with W10 / 64 bits )

Thanks ..

That is an ANCIENT version of Arduino - older than even 1.0.0 (readme is dated from 2010...) - is there a reason you're using that, rather than the latest version? We're at 1.8.2 now, and it's pretty stable.

I don't know that you'll find anyone who can say for sure if the problem is related to the old version or not.


Thanks very much , I was trying to use a very old version...

I apologize because I am not familiar at all with Arduino and tried to check the SW used on a servo- system dedicated to persons with disabilities.
Going too fast is often not a good way to skin a particular cat ...

have a good day