Compile Errors not showing up in "Errorlist" for AtmelStudio 7

The compile errors are showing anywhere.

Extensions installed >> Arduino IDE for Atmel Studio 7

Menu Visual Micro> Checked Compile Warnings & Verbose Message & Tutorial Mode

Error List see screen print


I don't think his question is what's wrong with his code, I think his question is why the error reported by Arduino isn't showing up in the studio error list...?

exactly. This is not a coding issue. And to get ahead of the "have you tried this", you can see with one single screen shot virtually all the settings I have.

I have given up on Studio. If I can't get compile errors I have to work in 2 IDEs, one for compile and one for debug.

I imagine not many people are using Atmel studio for arduino, but I thought I would ask. Awesome tool. I just need to see my compile errors which should be in the error window.