Compile issue Wemos D1 Mini with FastLED

I cannot get my sketch to compile on the Wemos D1 Mini but it compiles just fine using the Arduino Uno. I have the latest library for FastLED version 3.4.0 installed. I want to use the Wemos D1 Mini because I would like to incorporate remote control using my WiFi network and MQTT broker as part of Home Assistant. The issues seems to be pin assignments per the FastLED library do not match up for the Wemos D1 Mini pinouts. Perhaps there is a work around because I have seen some posts that use the Wemos D1 Mini and FastLED. Any guidance would be appreciated.


RV mineirin

Thank you ruilviana. I am new to the Forum and I had already sent a message on the Reddit community for FastLED. I do not understand how to use the options listed on gtihub aka the pin to gpio mapping, you can use one of:


I just used the ```
and it compiled.

Thank you very much.

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