Compile JS to Arduino HEX

I saw this campaign in kickstarter and actually is already working, amazing.

'sounds' interesting..

can you provide more info on it?

or better yet... how about some real world cases where this could/should be used?

Kickstarter campaign totally flopped and they just canceled it. They said they weren't getting support because it's not open source. I prefer C++ but I guess allowing an Arduino to be programmed in more languages is a good thing.

I'd think the benefit would be for people who are already experienced with JavaScript and don't want to learn C++.

I wouldn't want to invest a lot of energy into working with a cloud based closed source compiler. It only currently supports Uno, "Mega 1580" (I assume they mean Mega 1280, which nobody uses anymore), and Mega 2560. I'd be concerned about how difficult it would be to add support for other microcontrollers. I wouldn't want to have to rely on the developers to do this. It's so easy for anyone to create a 3rd party hardware core for Arduino.