Compile new Yun image

Now clone the repo with

git clone
Cloning into 'OpenWrt-yun'...
Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Change git command to:

git clone

Everything is working fine.

A couple of months ago, github changed the way you can clone using git+ssh protocol: you need to be a registered user and your ssh public key must be listed in your profile git+https, being kind of anonymous (it asks for user and pwd only and each time is required) is not affected

Good to learn, thanks a lot.

For people in same shoe like me;-

Since I use PKI smart card to hold my private key at me desktop machine, and testing server does not have the card. I have been forced to use "https://". Plus I am lazy.

git clone

after git the code, the src-git also need to be changed.

nano ~/OpenWrt-yun/feeds.conf.default
#src-git packages
src-git packages

The code of new Yun image is super clean, It could run from start to end! It is very impression.

One more up stream OS error:

nano ~/OpenWrt-yun/
./scripts/feeds uninstall ... php4 telepathy-python

Openwrt ar71xx image compile:

Start   Sun Apr 27 19:45:15 2014
End Mon Apr 28 05:30:52 2014
Elapsed 9 hrs, 45 mins, 37 secs

The new Yun image compile:

real    332m7.085s
user    2090m27.984s
sys     159m52.728s

Elapsed 5 hrs, 32 mins, 7 secs

Ha, We are faster...