compile or convert old code

Hello All, i’m new here and don’t have proper programming experience.

I bought a kit to convert control voltages and gate to midi to interface an old groove box with my modular synth.

The thing worked out of the box execpt that the lowest midi note programmed in there was 48.
I need the lowest note to be 36.

So I downloaded the arduino soft, changed the value in the code that comes with the thing but when I verify the code I get errors regardings BYTE not being used in arduino 1.X

So I tried my best to change the code with the info I found online but no Joy.
It compiles Ok and loads to the board but now it’s not working at all.

can’t revert to original because the code is obsolete I guess So now I just have a board that does not work.

should I just get an old version of arduino to reupload the original code or can someone just correct the syntax for me?

Really hope someone can help here…

Thank you

cv_to_midi_original.ino (9.72 KB)

The easiest thing would be to go find Arduino 22 and just use the code you have.

Here's a link:

thanks, been on that page already, not quite sure how to get that version, doesn't seem to be a windows installer available.

Oh wow. I'm getting a 404 error when I try the links.

Sorry, maybe that isn't going to work then.

Just managed to find this, downloaded the zip. will give this a try

There you go. Let us know if you need help getting it installed. It should be relatively simple, just unpack the zip and go.

managed to install, copy and pasted the source code of my project. upload to the board, all looks good.

The only thing is that it worked out of the box when I got it by mail this afternoon, now it doesn’t.

no Idea what I’m doing wrong. everytime it receives a trig from the modular the TX led flashes on the board which I assume means transmitting the midi message but nothing happens. I did not change anything on the hardware so i’m a bit confused.

I think I’ll email the guy who designed it… he probably know what is wrong.