Compile problems in Windows 10 but not in Mac El Capitan

I wrote a program for an Arduino Uno with a ChronoDot TRC v2.1 Real Time Clock based on the DS3231 chip. The program utilizes the DS3231 library called by the #include "ds3231.h" statement. The program compiles without errors in Arduino 1.6.6 IDE, uploads to the UNO and runs without problems provided that I run Arduino IDE from my MacBook Pro under OSX El Capitan. However, if I use Bootcamp to start Windows 10 from the same computer and use the Windows version of Arduino 1.6.6 IDE I get errors when compiling the same program.


DS3231_INTCN was not declaired in this scope DS3132_init(DS3132_INTCN)


DS3231_get was not declaired in this scope DS3231_get(&t);

And also some other errors.

To clarify if this was general problem I downloaded the library RTClib-master and tried the enclosed test program ds32331, which compiles fine in both environments.

Does anyone have a clue to what might be wrong?