Compile Serproxy in Visual Studio 8


I'm trying to compilate serproxy 0.1.3 in Visaul Studio 8 but I can't because it returns some errors I don't understand...

Somebody could help me? Thanks in advance.

att, mtz

I assume you mean Visual studio 2008 ?

Visual Studio 2008 is .NET, if the serial proxy was not originally written using .NET, then at least the part of the program that deals with the serial port has to be compleatly rewritten.

Thanks MikMo!

Have you tried to compile as the readme says with Serproxy with Visual C## 6?


No i have not.

I tried compiling it in Visual C++ 6 and got a bunch of errors too. I really wish someone was able to easily recompile it and fix the 9 COM ports limit...

I managed to compile serproxy in Visual C++ 2008 Express. It seems the serproxy.dsp file had UNIX line endings and not Windows ones.

I applied the fix for the COM ports limit (, and a binary version can be downloaded from here:

Waffle, you totally made my day ! :)

I teach a physical computing class with Arduino, SerialProxy and Flash. As new Arduinos are being plugged in by the students, the stupid FTDI driver keeps creating new virtual COM ports. Of course, when the students reach COM10, serproxy stops to work.

There is a workaround (which I talked about on my blog : but using this patched version of serproxy is going to be so much easier.

I fixed the carriage returns as you described and was also able to compile it (with the COM port fix) in Visual C++ 2008 Express.

I will thoroughly test the patched version during class next week (where I can get my hands on more than 10 Arduinos). Once tested, I will update my blog post and make both the patched source and compiled version available. I will list them as version 0.1.4 so it's not mistaken with the older (unpatched) version. I'll post back as soon as it's done.

Thanks again mate.

As promised, I tested the patched version (0.1.4) and it works like a charm. You can find all the details (binaries, source code, etc.) on my blog at: