Compiler error

Window XP Labtop DELL
Professionnel Pentium (R) III
Version 2002 Mobil CPU 1000 MHz
Service Pack 2 Mobil CPU 1000 MHz
727 MHz 256 Mo RAM

Card Info
BN: Arduino/Genuino Uno
VID: 0x2341
PID: 0x0043
SN: 8573531373235120C0C0

Erreur compilation
Arduino : 1.8.10 (Windows XP), Carte : “Arduino/Genuino Uno”

I install Arduino software without problems, my PC see the board, (com 4) and the software eie the port com 4 and the board. I try with the sketche BLINK
Attached the error report.
Did I do any wrong or is my PC to old.
I thank you for any help

Error compiler.txt (5.88 KB)

There does seem to be some issues with 1.8.10 and the obsolete XP OS.
General recommendation is to roll back to 1.8.9 for the time being.

The support team is aware of the issue.

Just for future reference this may be of use too.

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Thank you, it works optimal.