Compiler errors not shown

Whenever I have an error in a #include file, the Arduino IDE turns red, but doesn't show the error text returned by the compiler correctly. Sometimes it shows part of it, sometimes nothing.

I'm using Arduino 13 on Mac OS X v 10.5.6. This problem happens both with the included avr-gcc-4.3.0, and with avr-gcc-4.3.2 (from AVRMacPac).

You realise you can scroll that window? It's not immediately obvious. The errors may be there,but hidden.

Yes I do realise that, and no the errors are not there. Once I got the output:


and nothing else. Not very informative! I think this is the same problem as mentioned here:

I can reproduce this problem very easily: simply create a syntax error in any library code (either my own or built in) and it happens.

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