Compiler errors on different systems

I have Arduino 1.54 IDE installed on a desktop system, and the Arduino 1.05 IDE installed on a laptop. Both systems also have a custom version of Arduino 1.03 used for uploading Ardupilot software.

The directory structure is identical between the systems.

My laptop is compiling Ardupilot code perfectly, yet on the Desktop machine I am getting massive compiler errors because the Arduino 1.03 IDE is trying to pull in libraries from the other Arduino installation which results in function redefinition errors. I do not have any extra includes in my path, so was wondering if anyone knows how to keep the IDE from looking outside its "sandbox" during the build.

Without seeing any code it is impossible to say, but why not use 1.05 on the desktop as well? You can have both installed if you want 1.54 as well.

The Ardupilot code requires a special version of the Arduino IDE. Here is a link to the website with code:

Like I stated in original post, one system works perfectly, another computer does not, so I am wondering if there is some environment parameter within the Arduino IDE, or Windows 7, that is causing the conflicts on the one machine.

This is all speculation without seeing your code, nor the "massive compiler errors". We aren't mind-readers you know.

What operating system(s)? They all handle directories differently.