compiler errors on my old laptop

I'm new to the arduino stuff, but just recently started learning things on my work computer. Everything is going fine on that computer. I decided to load the same free arduino IDE software version 18 on my old personal laptop so I can program at home etc. The laptop has windows XP prof edition sp2, AMD k-6 473mhz and 188mb ram, and Java version 1.6.0. I haven't been able to compile anything (even the examples in the library) on it yet without getting the same error over and over. The error message is like this...

c:(folder location)\hardware\arduino\cores\arduino\wiring_pulse.c: In function 'pulseIn':

c:(folder location)\hardware\arduino\cores\arduino\wiring_pulse.c:66: internal compiler error: Illegal instruction

then it asks me to submit a bug report.

I also tried IDE v9 and then v17 with same results.

Can anybody give me some advice to get it working? Thanks, jamie

well, I have been trying a few things and nothing seems to help. One thing I did, was totally wipe the hard drive and reinstalled windows. It needed it done anyways, but it did not help the error problem. Still getting the exact same problem.

Does anyone have any ideas I could try?


What are the minimum system requirements of the computer that is to be running the IDE software? Maybe my laptop isn't powerful enough to run the IDE properly?

thanks jamie

I almost think your old laptop is down to his knees when XP has finished booting - and the the Java Virtual machine gives it the final blow.

Minimum requirements is hard to tell. The IDE runs fine on a first generation EEE Pc (512 MB Ram) under Kubuntu. This is about the slowest machine you could buy in the last two years.

I wouldn't spend too much time on trying to make this work.


Thanks for the reply, I figured the old laptop was probably too taxed.

Can the IDE run properly in a win 98 SE environment?

I really wanted to make this laptop useful for something. My last ditch effort for this machine would be to try using the IDE while running 98 on it. I figure the laptop will run much better, maybe well enough to work?


Can the IDE run properly in a win 98 SE environment?

I don't think so, I faintly remember there was someone who tried it and gave up.

There are some Linux versions (xubuntu) that are less demanding and run on older hardware, but for laptops there have been quite often no graphics drivers available.


Thanks alote Eberhard!
I guess I’ll put it on my wife’s newer laptop and call it good.