Compiler Freezes

OK, before I start, just want to say I have really enjoyed my first few months with my Arduino (Uno) project. I have written, uploaded and run many different programs, but now I am getting plagued by compiler freeze. When I click the 'verify' button, it starts to compile but then just freezes.

I am running the IDE 1.0.5 r2 on a Windows 8 laptop, and an XP desktop, but this freeze happens on both computer systems so seems to be about the compiler rather than my computer. I am using an old version because the later ones would not work with old XP.

It started happening when I made some changes to code involving the tone() function, and noTone(). All I did was move them to different places in the program.

The first time it happened I managed to eliminate it by commenting out parts of my program, but then after reinstating it, the problem went away, and I didnt discover the exact cause. Before I spend another few frustrating hours trying to fix it, I was hoping someone could suggest a possible cause.

Any help would be much appreciated.

There are a couple of things in your code which can do that. One is to have an unterminated string such as:


The other is to have a block comment /* ... */ but with the */ missing.