compiler suddenly not working with this one specific sketch

hello.. i've been writing a project for arduino. it's got a fair amount of code in it

the code is right here with the circuit, specifications, and everything:

the problem is that when i compile other sketches, it says at the bottom in the black compiler output box "compiled to xxxxxxx memory (xxxxxx memory maximum)" or something to that effect. it just tells you that it's compiled. but this sketch i'm working on isn't showing that output.. and i've writen Serial.println(); in there for debugging purposes.. i'm not getting any output from them either.. but it does say "uploading" when i hit "upload" i guess it's just stopped compiling now. i have no idea why.. i've only written up to 20000 bytes.. and the max is 30000.. i'm well under the limit so that's not the problem. can anyone help?

everything is set up. i've selected the correct board and serial port.. it's been working until suddenly recently

Post a zip with all the libraries to check

here you go. all the libraries i installed in the Documents/Arduino/libraries file folder.

i’ve had all of them installed for a while and all of them worked previously to this (856 KB)

uhm, it compiles properly and everything seems ok. I think you need to test simpler things with your arduino to found the problem. Maybe the arduino is not working now?

Start with the blink, then some serial sketch

You may try activating "Show verbose output during compilation" in the Arduino preferences, before compiling again. Consider that the byte limit does not apply to the source file but to the compiled one, with the included libraries. Which version of the IDE and which Arduino model are you using?

blink compiled perfectly and is now making the LED blink. no problem there

then i compiled something having to do with serial. works perfect.

i'll see what happens with verbose output.

it somehow compiled fine with no error when i enabled verbose output. :/ idk what's wrong. i hope it doesn't happen again.

It was probably a case of layer 8 problem :D

well, what ever it is, it seems like keeping verbose output on and when it doesn't compile... to just compile a different sketch and then compile this one again.

it's working for now. thank you