compiling coding right but not run

here me attach my coding

coding.ino (8.71 KB)

the first thing i see is.

if (mySerial.available() && count < 12)
    item[count] =;

Yeah!! lets count UP!


if (mySerial.available() && count < 12)
    count =;

and now Lets count down. uhmm count stays the same?

also nice to know, what should the code be doing?

and last one when you make variable like count1, count2, count3, and so on…
you can also use a Array. count[0] = something, count[1] = some thing else.
and when you understand a For loop you can make you code ALLOT!!! smaller.
you use allot of copy paste. a for loop does allmost the same.

This is probably a problem due to a faulty board, as the IDE compiles it, but the board cannot run it

Hope this helped :D

Hope this helped

It's bullshit, so I seriously doubt that it helped anyone. All it did was waste everyone's time.

@OP, your code will be running (edit: assuming it has power)... unless the Arduino is fresh from the factory, there will be code in there that since it compiled, will be running. (Although, a sketch like BareMinimum does nothing that we can see, so it may look as if it's not running.)

So, you need to explain:

  • What the code is supposed to do
  • What is actually is doing (seems like nothing visible to you in this case?)
  • What it isn't doing, as far as you can tell
  • What steps you have taken to debug the problem