Compiling Error GRBL 1.1 - Required_Homing_Cycle_0 not defined

Hi, I am trying to upload GRBL 1.1 but get a couple of compiling errors. I haven’t altered the code at all, got it straight off GitHub. Any suggestions as to what forums or places I can contact for advice?

Does this warning relate to your problem? "NOTE: Before starting, delete prior Grbl library installations from the Arduino IDE. Otherwise, you'll have compiling issues! On a Mac, Arduino libraries are located in ~/Documents/Arduino/libraries/. On Windows, it's in My Documents\Arduino\libraries. On Linux (Ubuntu), it's in /usr/share/arduino/libraries".


Hi Paul, Thanks for your suggestion, but I had made sure the folder was empty. I have attached a screen shot of the IDE screen. I noticed the config file is in red and wonder if it thinks there is a problem with it. it should be a stable build. I don’t know what to do from here. Any ideas?

Hi Again, I got it! You were right. Went back and deleted all files. re-booted computer, reconnected Arduino and tried again. got a successful upload. Thanks for your help!

In the config.h file around line 90 the section on homing begins. The grbl configuration page has a good description of how to enable the homing cycle and how to set it up. Look for $22 Homing cycle, boolean.

I just installed the grbl library and was able to compile the grblUpload example (File -> Examples -> grbl -> grblUpload) for the Arduino UNO without error.

To install the library:

  • Go to:
  • Download it as a .ZIP file
  • Expand the .ZIP file on your PC
  • Drag the resulting grbl-master/grbl folder to the Arduino/libraries folder
  • Run Tools->Manage Libraries... to update the library list. (You can close it now.)