Compiling error with new library in Linux

I have a problem compiling a program with linux, I put it on this image attached (sorry for my bad english…). The same program with the same library on windows 7 works perfect. I add library as the tutorial, and I have the same version of sdk in windows and linux (1.0.5) both OS in 64 bits version, and I try It in a raspberry pi too. In linux ubuntu and raspbian on raspberry pi appears the problem I attached. Thanks for all!

PD: The library is for a Nokia display, this have various kinds of size fonts and numbers, they can see it on the error.

Geez, can see the individual pixels of your monitor in that photo.

Go to the file it is listing and add 'const' like it says. It should not affect the compilation on the other OS's

I wil try It later in my house. A lot of thanks!

All works fine! Thanks :slight_smile: