compiling error

hello. I’m new to arduino and I have a problem compiling the sketch, I’m using Arduino Uno and the module arduino wifi shield wiz610wi and i´m working on arduino ide 0023, because the ide 1.0, require me change the newsoftserial references to softwareserial… and that gives me more problems.

Here is the error:

error: no ‘bool NewSoftSerial::activate()’ member function declared in class ‘NewSoftSerial’

and the sketch is attached at the post. From already thank you very much

Sketch WiFi Shield.rar (23.1 KB)

I don't have 0023, but it compiles fine in 0022.

can you tell me what steps you did?, because I tried to compile the sketch, but I threw a lot of errors. Import the libraries and also download 0022 ide

I just downloaded your rar file, unpacked it, opened the pde file in 0022 and compiled.

what´s your OS?... ´cause throw me errors yet :s

i made it!!! thanks for your help, my problem is the library, a put de newsoftserial library on the ide 0022 and the sketch brought it jejejeje