compiling error

I got the dreaded "error compiling....Mega2560" message. What do you look for in the body of the precursor message to find what the issue you may be?

I can supply message if need be.

I am using Windows 7. I previously compiled the sketch but had issues with the code that the sketch did not work.

Whenever you ask for help with any technical issue where an error was displayed, you should always post the full text of any and all error messages.

You read up from the bottom until you get to either a compiler error (indicating a problem with your code), or evidence of some part of the toolchain straight up not working (indicating a problem with the IDE). Compiler errors tell you what line the compiler blames for the error, and what it thinks the problem is.When there are multiple compiler errors, some of the subsequent ones may have been caused by the first (messed up parens and brackets are particularly bad like that).