Compiling for different MCU's

Hi everybody, I am trying to compile the Arduino code to be used with an ATMEGA64 MCU, using Eclipse. Compiling the source code for ATMEGA328P and the other well known MCU's that are supported by default works fine, but when I change the target MCU to ATMEGA64, I get some errors on the Libraries code (servo, Firmata). The Arduino core code builds fine for ATMEGA64; it didn't with Arduino version 0021.

Now I thought that with Arduino 0022, the #if defined(AVR_ATmega8)|| defined(AVR_ATmega128) statements were eliminated, and the information from the iomxxx.h files would be used instead. I got this impression from reading the release notes for 0022:

Refactoring core to use register-based, not CPU-based, #ifdefs.
  Patch by Mark Sproul.

But when I check for example servo.cpp, I still see the #if defined(AVR_ATmega8)|| defined(AVR_ATmega128) stuff. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for the replies!