Compiling in WIN XP

I have two PC:s, one with WIN 10 and one with WIN XP.

Compiling on the one with WIN 10 is no problem however sometimes the program that compiles OK on WIN 10 does not compile at all on the WIN XP-machine.

Sometimes it helps deliberately putting in a fault, compile, remove the fault and then compile again. Sometimes it works deliberately compiling with the wrong Arduino. Then, going back to the correct one it works. Mostly it works but all of a sudden it doesn't. I have tried to find a pattern when it does not compile but I haven't found any.

I have tried using two earlier versions of the Arduino-program in th XP-machine but the phenomenon remains.

I am using Arduino 1.8.1 in both machines. The XP-version is the last released for XP.

The fault text coming up is the following:

collect2.exe: error: ld returned 5 exit status
exit status 1
Error compiling for board Arduino Nano.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Best suggestion I can come up with right now is to look up the XP related questions posted before using the SEARCH BOX.


The Arduino developers have recently made a fix for this issue but it's currently only available in the hourly build:

So you can try installing that or wait for the next release.

Yip - know issue with out of date OS. Windows XP is NOT supported by the arduino IDE any more.

Oh, no! I hope it will continue. I'm using IDE on XP in VBox on Mint.

It was never the intent to drop XP support. The developers were unable to reproduce the issue because it occurs sporadically, and yes I'm sure it wasn't their highest priority. Luckily the same issue occurred with their Windows store IDE version, which gave the developer the necessary clue to make a fix for both issues. Signs are very good that the issue is solved. I don't use XP any more but will surely be glad to stop seeing this issue reported constantly. It seems XP is still a pretty common OS.

Thanks a lot for all information.
I have now downloaded the "overnight version" of the IDE and compiling with WIN XP now works beautifully.

Yes, WIN XP maybe outdated but with me compiling with WIN XP runs much faster than with WIN 10 !



I have same problem.Where should I find this "overnite version"?
I found and load arduino-nightly-windows , but what whit it?

I have same problem.Where should I find this "overnite version"?
I found and load arduino-nightly-windows , but what whit it?

That's the one.

I have downloaded on my XP system and Install " nighty " on new place .
I run arduino.exe from newly arduino-nightly-windows and all scetches works whitout errors.
After that I try originaly IDE and works also whitout error.
So XP is not out .

Yeah, they fixed the problem before the release of Arduino IDE 1.8.2 so you don't need to use the hourly build if you don't want to. All versions from 1.8.2 and newer should be compatible with XP, previous versions are problematic. I always use the hourly build to do beta testing and almost never have problems with it but it is a bit more likely that you may encounter a bug.