Compiling issue

I'm attempting to bring together two working sketches in to one. I am putting together a GPS clock that auto adjusts for Daylight savings time and time zone. I have the GPS with a seven segment display and auto dimming functions working. I am attempting to bring in Jack Christensen's World Clock sketch to do the Time Zone and DST features. I realize I will have to work on the time names. I wanted to get this compiled into an Arduino Uno so I can see how it is reporting on the serial monitor. At this point it appears to be syntax error. But I just can't see them comparing them against their working originals.

I will post the code on the next reply due to the boards "9500 Character limits"

When I do get this working, I will be sharing it via GitHub.


I guess the entire code is too large to post here, so I have attached the file.

GPS_UTC_DIM_Military_v2_ino.ino (11.7 KB)

I guess the error messages were too long to post also?

There are some issues with curly braces in the wrong places. setup() appears to include both the TIMER0_COMPA_vect ISR and the useInterrupt() function. Note two consecutive left braces at the start of setup() for no apparent reason:

void setup()  

I don't have a couple of the libraries, so can't compile it anyway, but I'd get the braces fixed first.