compiling U8glib.h

If this isn't the right place for this ? please direct me. thx

I have the following:

Arduino 1.6.3 installed w/drivers
board = AT Mega 2532 with RAMPS 1.4 bd and RepRap Discount Full Graphics Smart Controller Display
Project = Marlin_CBOT_E3D -- a 3D printer project
It requires file U8glib.h == #include <U8glib.h> is in 9 different .h files

I did the following:
I dnld "", unzipped it and copied all files in the "src" folder to the "Marlin_CBOT_E3D" folder. There is no U8glib.h file in that folder or in any other folder of that zip file or in the "" file.

I open "Marlin_CBOT_E3D.ino", select the AT Mega 2532 bd, clk "verify/compile" and get this:

"Marlin_CBOT_E3D.ino:44:101: fatal error: U8glib.h: No such file or directory"

I found this file "" which does have a U8glib.h file and copied that to the project folder and got the same result. I have also placed the file in various other folders with no joy.

If I compile w/o ANY of the files from the src folder it errors in 2 seconds.
With the files in the project folder it takes 25 seconds to error.
U8glib.h is included in 9 .h files.

WHAT DOES IT WANT FROM ME????????????????????


These are the first lines of the archive

Archive:  /home/kraus/Downloads/
 Length   Method    Size  Cmpr    Date    Time   CRC-32   Name
--------  ------  ------- ---- ---------- ----- --------  ----
       0  Stored        0   0% 2014-12-21 23:25 00000000  U8glib/
    3911  Defl:N     1732  56% 2014-12-21 23:25 f25c3672  U8glib/license.txt
   55676  Defl:N     5669  90% 2014-12-21 23:25 64ddb8ac  U8glib/U8glib.h
       0  Stored        0   0% 2014-12-21 23:25 00000000  U8glib/utility/
    5519  Defl:N     1946  65% 2014-12-21 23:25 9619fb76  U8glib/utility/u8g_dev_ssd1309_128x64.c

which has been downloaded from the official location:

You will find U8glib.h as third entry in the archive.

I know that Marlin/RepRap uses U8glib, but I can not tell you how to setup/install Marlin with U8glib.