Complete beginner. Want to make a Weasley clock. Feasable?

I would love to make a clock which does the same thing as the Weasleys clock out of the Harry Potter books/movies.

I've seen that people have done similar projects but they are all using led's instead of clock hands that rotate to point to the persons location.

I would love to do the same but with proper hands for each person. Could i do this with an arduino unit and some servos? One servo for each hand. I would only need each hand to rotate to set points depending on their location rather than it having full 24 hour clock movements as well.

It seems like that instead of lighting a specific led it could instead rotate a servo a specific amount. This then raises the question as to if the servos will remember their location on the clock after each movement and if not is there a way to get it to?

Sorry for all the questions I just want to check for the feasibilty of such a thing before i start buying the equipment. Although i have already bought an old clock ready for it :)

If you are a complete beginner, my honest advice is to get an Arduino Uno or Mega and work through some examples.

When I first started I got a mega, some LEDs, some 220ohm resistors, a 16x2 lcd display and a breadboard and made many sketches with those few items before i moved in to my original idea for a project.

What you want to do is not feasible for a beginner, but is possible with an arduino

How many hands do you want on your clock? To get hands rotating on a common center you would typically use nested tubes, one per hand.

Have you figured out a way to find the geographic location of each person tracked by the clock?