Complete newbe has some elementary questions

Hi guys, I`m completely new to arduino, but have some pic IDE expirience.

I`m used to start a project, where I have my libraries, includes, heades and files.
How is that done with arduino exe?

I have got main code, I`ve got a header file, libraries, where do I put those and how to I go about programming my ardu pro mini 5V with the TTL cable?



Hi Johannes,
You can add libraries by clicking the sketch tab >> Import libraries.
If you search the default Arduino libraries, they are already included in the sketch, you just don't see them.
If you want to see the structure of an arduino sketch, just open an exemple sketch (File >> Examples >> Basics >> Blink). You will see, it isn't very complicated.
For further information just search google for "arduino tutorials", there are many.
Try this one: Arduino Tutorial - Learn electronics and microcontrollers using Arduino!
Or this: Using the Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V - SparkFun Learn

Thanks a lot, I guess it works just like any other ide.