Complete newbie taking on a project please help

Hi guys im a complete electronics newbie but have come across something i would like to have a go at, its a laser engraving machine i am a cnc machinest and i plan on making the machine nice and proffessional but i dont have a clue on the electrics side of things, the laser runs through arduino which i have not yet purchased and 2 stepper drivers to run the axis if i were to purchase these could somebody make me the other electric board i need... payed of course or send funds for an arduino and stepper drivers so then i could recieve back the full electrics ready to go ? Any help would be great heres the project it may become allot clearer

It would help if people knew which part of the world you are in, and if you want something doing, rather than doing it yourself with assistance from the forum members, it might be better posted in the 'Gigs and collaborations' section.

Sorry im in the uk

looks like your link is broken :(

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It looks like the only custom parts of this are the voltage regulator circuit, a fan relay switch, and a transistor to cut power to the laser diode. You could through this whole thing together easily on a piece perfboard (called veloboard over there, I think.)

I'd build it for you for money (for my time), but I would really feel bad for charging you for it when I know you can easily build this yourself. There isn't much you need to know about electronics to put it together from the schematic.

Sorry guys i was on my phone before try this one

So anyone in the uk able to make me the board or supply a complete thing ready to go (arduino uno, 2 stepper drivers and the other board ?) £££

well I have built my own CNC mill with my own control boards so stepper motor not a problem laser part should be easy enough

how much do you want to do? how much do you want me to do?

also UK based (but you knew that) cheers Mike

PS PM if you want to talk £$€

Sorry im in the uk

Are you apologizing for failing to disclose this, or are you sorry that you are in the UK?

What's wrong with your shift key?

Are you that petty? your commenting that i didn't use capital letters, pretty sad as therr just wasn't any need just sums up the kind of person you are and its pretty obvious why I put "sorry im in the UK" as the comment above highlightes that i didn't state where i was from.

Ate you that oetty your commenting that i didn't use capital letters, pretty sad as therr

Google Translate had a tough time there.

And as you can see i went back and edited mistakes as im on my iphone and mistakes happen... Again obvious and a petty person steps up again wow And surprise surprise american, being from the US the cost of shipping wouldnt be worth it so there was no need to add your "comments" at all

petty person steps up again wow And surprise surprise american

While I don’t agree with the petty comments, I do take offense to your comment. I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if I were to stereotype you because of your nationality so don’t do that to Americans.

BTW This forum is meant for project guidance. If you are looking to pay for someone to make your project for you then it belongs in the Gigs and Collaborations forum.

Ye sorry i was told this after i posted in here, i did post it there after but it got deleted sorry so any way all comments etc and mistakes a side anyone able to help me out based in the uk ?

by the sound of it what i need made isnt much someone out there must be able to help me out i really want to finish this project

I am in the US or else I would offer. I really don’t understand what part of this that you feel you can’t do on your own. Maybe you should just get started on it and ask for help as you need it.

ive got no problem with the set up of the laser itself its just the electrical and software side of it i never even heard of arduino before finding this project if you take a look at the link in previous posts the electrics show the arduino uno, 2 stepper drivers and another board in between those which is what id like made for me so i was either looking for this complete set up or a dumbed up version pretty much labelled up where to connect the arduino, steppers fans etc

Well, the code is already provided in the link you gave on instructables, so you don't need to write any code. And the schematic he provided is very simple. Are you not able to understand the schematic, is that the trouble?

I kind of understand the schematic but its the resistors or whatever else i need i wouldnt know where to start, all i actually know thats on the schematic is the arduino and the steppers i wouldnt know what all the other parts are