Complete Newbie to Arduino, programming question

Hi, I’ve done some RPi projects and electronics before, want to try an Arduino.

I’m a complete novice to Arduino, only thing I have done before is use Arduino IDE to update the firmware on my 3D printer.

Looking at a something like the below. An ESP8266 WiFi / relay module to control the switches over the Internet.

I have researched and now confusing myself with what I am reading, what do I need to be able to connect this to my PC/MAC so I can program it through Arduino IDE? Something like a UartSBee ?

Sorry if this is obvious, I’m just trying to get my head around it.


this relaymodule uses an ESP866-01 which requires a special programming adapter

The prgramming needs to unplug the ESP8266-module to connect it with tve programmer after programming pluggin back
This is uncomfortable in the development process

more important: working with 230V requires a successful formal examination about electricity.

If you are just looking for a proje ct I recommend using an ESP32 nodeMCU or a Wemos ESP32 mini.

How about measuring tempertaure and humidity and displaying it on a small website?

Or if you insist on switching 230V how about hacking the transmitter of a wireless switched socket?
best regards Stefan

Thank you for your response.

I’m comfortable with switching 240v AC, my father is an electrical engineer, authorised to switch 33kv circuits. Obviously I’m not, but I grew up learning a lot about electricity and what to do / not to do. Appreciate your concerns though.

What I am trying to do, is have an Internet controlled switch that can turn a mains voltage light on and off. I know I could buy a £10 ready made device for this, but where is the fun in that!

I have played with RPi before, just wanted to explore Arduino.

I’ve worked in IT for the last 30+ years, support and coding, and just have a thirst for learning something new.

Can you suggest what the best components would be?
I need something that will connect to Arduino IDE through USB, but allow me to program the module. I’m assuming some sort of USB to serial interface, and a suggestion to which WiFi/relay board.


two points

  1. have you considered using an esp32 which has WiFi built in. you can use the Arduino IDE and it's interfaces on the esp-32

  2. have you considered a non-relay approach using a triac and opto-triac: AC Light Dimmer using Arduino and Triac

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