Complete Noobie Seeking Advice on Arduino Powered Display

Hi there! First of all i would like to state that my only experience with Arduino so far is using the Atmega2560 with 3D Printers, so my knowledge is very limited.

I am wanting to start a project that i think can be done with Arduino if i can find the right size display.

I am in the process of refurbishing 4 Bang & Olufsen Beolab Penta speakers. These speakers are retro (1986 - 2000).

The speakers have LCD Displays which are very basic, they show track numbers and source input - but only if you are using them with the B&O Input Devices.

I am wanting to simply replace these displays with a nice resolution display, TFT, OLED or whatever might be suitable and at the moment simply display the Bang & Olufsen Logo.

Things on my wishlist to do might be have some kind of Visual audio display (equalizer bars or similar), and maybe take an input signal from the Amplifier which can tell when you are drawing too much power and display a warning on screen (the current display does this).

The current display measures approx 100mm L x 45mm W, i’ve been searching but cannot seem to find anything similar dimensions, i was hoping to have something fairly high resolution for a high quality image. There is a lot of room behind where you mount the displays that would easily take the majority of Arduino boards. I am willing to spend the right amount of money to get the results i am looking for.

Can someone please point me in any sort of direction about how i might get started on this, what might be a suitable controller, or possibly some well known display manufacturers that have a wide variety of sizes & resolutions? Any popular libraries that i should start researching that might provide what i am looking to achieve?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Hi, I stumbled over your post while i was looking to find some information on more less the same as you.. only difference, i want to use the original display..

This could have your interest as well? if so take a look at the first test that i done so far..