Complete wifi temp sensor

Hi, before I get started, thought I would ask here.

I want to control the baseboard heaters (240vac x 30Amps) in each room. I am OK with working with the Voltages and Amps so you can pass on handing out the warnings. :slight_smile:

I want to have a temp sensor and wireless sender in each room to then control the heaters at the breaker-box with Omron 40A SSRs and a Mega with intermediary relay board to ensure extreme opto-isolation.

Do I need to build my own Sensors? Or, has someone built a kit with an AT-tiny (or similar), an LM35 temp sensor (or similar) and wireless Tx?

If not I can throw together some Nano to do the job, but it would be neater if I can get a kit, either soldered or loose programmed parts.

If you want wifi (the internet kind) then you should check out the ESP8266 + ds18b20- but I suspect that you only want a point-to-point wireless link back to the controller.

Thanks, I had already looked at the ESP8266 and it can be made to do what I need without an Arduino involved, but that needs some extra programming of the on-board micro, so that's why I was asking if there is something already available. Seems to me it must have already been done. :slight_smile: