Completely destroyed???

Well I now officially hate my Sparkfun Switching Mode Power supply! I recently got it, and up until now, I had know idea that if you turn the nob when it is off it will still bump up the voltage the next time you turn it on.

Well I have been testing a line following robot which was made mostly from scratch, and some how the dial go turned while I was taking a break. When I got back the power supply was off, however, it was still plug into the robot. I switched it on and bamb! 11+ volts went throughout my robot. :( :( :(

I turned it off within seconds, but i know some of the parts are destroyed as I can't up load programs anymore. I can't test most of the stuff because I only bought enough to make one Arduino. I have the links below to what I was using and I was wondering if anybody could tell me what was most likely destroyed so I can re-buy the parts. I'm currently testing the LCD and sensors. Below is the list of stuff I can't test.


Edit: To power the Arduino I connected the power supply to the voltage lines on a breadboard so that I did not have to keep the USB plugged in.

I just tested the sensors and they are all ok. Two of them were Sparkfun light sensors and the other was a sharp distance sensor. The LCD is shot. It just glows green with black rectangles over the parts were the letters should have been and will not display text any wear.