completely new - need to turn on a motor for 5 seconds off for 5 seconds - HELP?

Trying to figure out if this would be a good first Arduino project, I need to create a timer of sorts that would turn on a motor for 5 seconds, off for 5 seconds, repeat. But I need to be able to adjust the time easily.

I would like to be able to use some sort of remote to control it - but even just a knob or button of some sort to adjust the timing would be ok.

I need it to be battery operated as well.

Is this something that would be easy to do with Arduino or should I be looking at a different method?

Thanks! Madapple

Yes, easy to do with Arduino as a first project. Go browse "interfacing with hardware" in the playground as a start. You'll need motor, NPN transistor, diode, potentiometer, switch. The code itself is straightforward to read the switch and turn an output on for 5 seconds and then back off.

I think this link has a schematic example showing how all would connect.

excellent! thanks for the info,

the schematic will be a great help I am sure!!

:) :)

I'd use a mosfet to drive the motor, rather than a transistor and a relay, unless you need isolation between the Arduino and the motor power supply. If you need to adjust the time more easily than by changing the program, you can use a potentiometer or a rotary encoder. The potentiometer is simpler. Choose one with a resistance of about 100K and connect the 2 ends to +5v and ground. Connect the slider to an analog input pin. Your Arduino program can read the value from that pin using analogRead and use it to determine the delay.

the motor I need to control has it's own power source -

could I use this to power the Arduino as well or should I have a 2nd arduino dedicated power source.

You can, but usually current surges tend to cause resets or other erratic behavior. If you had a stepdown voltage regulator, that would help insulate the arduino from those.

An example: