complex headlight DRL

I am currently busy designing a headlight with a complex DRL sequence.
In short it will be a vw polo headlight with 42 led's surrounding the outer part of the reflective area.
In addition to this some of the led's will be bi-color with white and orange to accomodate the turn signal
Further more I need to sketch three different modes for the led's
Mode one will be all the white led's constantly on at the same time without blinking.
in this mode the turn signal must work independently from the DRL.

In mode two (for show's) the white led's must have the knight rider effect

In Mode three I need 5 led's at a time to fade in and out, every time dropping the first led in tthe group and picking up the next led in the circuit,
I am thinking of using the mega 2560 for this project.
Can anyone please help me with the hardware configuration as well as the sketches for the above.

From the sounds of it you need to be able to individually address the LEDs to create your effects and some LEDs will be bi-color. You will probably be able to use a MEGA2560 for this. The thing is, you really don't have 64 outputs so you need a multiplexing scheme of some sort. You could do something like this:

But, presumably your LEDs will be pretty powerful so you might need drivers or transistors or something to power them.