Complex Waveform Tables

I am looking for waveform tables with 256 values for more complex sounds than the sine wave, square wave etc. I am looking for instruments such as trumpet, flute, clarinet etc.

I have created one which is sort of like a trumpet but needs further work but to save time I wondered if anyone had created any or knew where to get some from?

There's an archive of musical instrument samples at this site: University of Iowa Electronic Music Studios. It covers most of the orchestra, along with guitar and a few other instruments, and even has balloons popping and sticks banging together.

A brief look at a few directories says that these are aiff files, and some of them are very large. A closer look at a couple of files finds a 96kHz sample rate, and a lot of subaudible noise. I would imagine that there's substantial effort between these files and the sets of samples that you want. But, the data exist, and are available free.

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there is good forms here i used them with a wavetable oscillator

Thank you for the replies. I will have a look at them when I get back later.