Complexity of using a C-based parser

How complex would it be to use nodejs/http-parser from an Arduino device?

It's small, fast and supposedly portable. It doesn't perform any memory allocations.

I tried setting it up in a sketch and got as far as the compiler not understanding the C function references.

[Starting] Verifying sketch 'ad-irrigation.ino'
Please see the build logs in output path: c:\source\repos\ad-irrigation\bin
c:\source\repos\ad-irrigation\bin\sketch\ad-irrigation.ino.cpp.o: In function
c:\source\repos\ad-irrigation/irrigation-server.hpp:45: undefined reference to `http_parser_init'
c:\source\repos\ad-irrigation/irrigation-server.hpp:49: undefined reference to `http_parser_execute
collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Error during build: exit status 1
IntelliSense auto-configuration disabled.
[Error] Verifying sketch 'ad-irrigation.ino': Exit with code=1

In whatever it is you are trying to compile, you are evidently missing some of the required code.

One approach is to copy the functions into the Arduino sketch folders, and to rename .c files to .cpp so that the C++ compiler sees and includes them.

Just for clarity, I have also tried

extern "C"
#include "http-parser/http_parser.h"

And I still get the same error:

c:\source\repos\ad-irrigation/irrigation-server.hpp:54: undefined reference to `http_parser_init'

c:\source\repos\ad-irrigation/irrigation-server.hpp:58: undefined reference to `http_parser_execute

The code is still missing.

The code for the http_parser is 20k+ lines so I can't post it here.

My repo is here.
I'm trying to construct the parser in irrigation-server.hpp:43 within listen().

But I am seeing an error coming from http_parser.h about it not finding
#include <BaseTsd.h> Include file not found in browse.path.
Which now that I look at it, I don't think those typedefs are needed as we have stdint.h a part of the Arduino framework properly defining primitive int types. Those tyedefs aren't used anywhere in the http_parser anyway.

Another observation:
http_parser.h has the following code up top, and my c_cpp_properties.json defines __cplusplus which means I shouldn't need the extern keyword in my code.

#ifdef __cplusplus

extern "C" {


Edit 2:
Oddly enough, I got it to build by moving the h and c file from the git submodule directory to the main application directory. So it was some kind of build issue.

I see that my include paths got reset and I did not have one defined within the project. So I think the compiler wasn't able to find the definition file.

Edit 3:
I ended up cloning a compiling-version of the repository to my Arduino/libraries folder and referencing it that way.

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