Complier hangs (Mega2560 - IDE 1.6.4)

Hi folks,

Very new to arduino.

Wonder if there is any way to try to debug compiler hangs. Compiling a sketch and I get no errors but it never proceeds past the first avr-g++ message. When I look at the resources being used, avr-g++ calls cc1plus and then they both seem idle. This is happening on both Windows 8.1 and Linux (RedHat). Using strace on RedHat looks like it is looping around opening and re-opening the sketch files


Hi, welcome to the forum,

Did you make changes to the default Arduino IDE after installing it ? Can you show the output ? copy the text or a screendump.

masterofreality: Wonder if there is any way to try to debug compiler hangs.

So the board hangs "during compile" and not "during upload"?

If the compile hangs, I'd first check the code for "duplicate identifiers" and if you have possibly used the same name for - file name - variable name - macro name - array name - function name

Thanks for the pointers. I don't see any complier errors at all, just the hang. It does not get as far as to upload. It compiles examples and some other small sketches ok.

Guess I'll go trawl thru the code..

Hi, Please post the code, so we can see where your problem might be. You didn't initially say it was only one sketch that didn't compile.

Tom..... :)