compliler using previously compiled files which are no longer referenced

I am restructuring my multifile program.

I have x.ino with #includes to make the i2c LCD functional and I have #include(d) local Main.h.
In Main.h I have #include(d) Arduino.h and have int main(void) function.

There are no other files included.

The 1.6.5 compiler keeps using “previously compiled” files and complaining about missing files.

( Detailed “error” output can be posted if somebody is seriously interested ).

This multifile structure works fine with previous x.ino when I used many includes, now all I want is the I2C to work and there are NO references / links to any other files at this point.

I am about to remove all compiler build temp files thus forcing the compiler to rebuild all.

Before I do that I would like to hear from someone who has an experience with similar problem to confirm that I am on the right track.

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Thank you for sticking with the latest hourly build. This bug was found and fixed today and our build server is almost done at uploading an updated hourly build

Thank you again for your heads up

I think you are addressing a different issue.
I think this one may be an old issue with compiler not erasing the temporary files on initial load of IDE.
I’ll try to include the text file of the output, if it fits.

I’ll download the latest and try it also.

IDE.txt (11.9 KB)


I have deleted all x.tmp files and got this from compiler. I am inlcuding just the top few lines still indicating that un-included files are being compiled

FATS_Source minMSC USBHost

My next step will be - build just x.ino and Main.h - currently all the other unused files are showing up in the list and on tabs. I got no problem doing that if it works!

Arduino: 1.6.5 (Windows XP), Board: "Arduino Due (Programming Port)"

Using library Wire in folder: C:\Documents and Settings\Vaclav\Application Data\Arduino15\packages\arduino\hardware\sam\1.6.4\libraries\Wire

Using library LiquidCrystal in folder: C:\Documents and Settings\Vaclav\My Documents\Arduino\libraries\LiquidCrystal (legacy)

Using library FATS_Source in folder: C:\Documents and Settings\Vaclav\My Documents\Arduino\libraries\FATS_Source (legacy)

Using library USBHost in folder: C:\Documents and Settings\Vaclav\My Documents\Arduino\libraries\USBHost

Using library minMsc in folder: C:\Documents and Settings\Vaclav\My Documents\Arduino\libraries\minMsc (legacy)

Using library minMSC_Version_1.1 in folder: C:\Documents and Settings\Vaclav\My Documents\Arduino\libraries\minMSC_Version_1.1 (legacy)

Found the problem code


ifdef SKIP

I have the original x.ino code here and it includes several #include(s)


SKIP is NOT defined so the code within

ifdef SKIP



should not be compiled

After commenting out the offending #ifdef / #endif block the compiler is happy.

Nasty bug!