Compnents in my Grove Starter Kit V2 not detected


I use Intel edison with Ublinux (debian for edison).
When i flashed my édison, my arduino code worker but since Yesterday when I push my code since Arduino IDE (Transfer complete).

I push my button but my led does not light. I try with led (13) integrated with the arduino board not work too. But when i use the Basic example -> blink. My led 13 blink.

// demo of Grove - Starter V2.0
// Grove - Button connect to D3
// Grove - LED connect to D7

const int pinButton = 3;  
const int pinLed    = 7;  // or 13

void setup()
    pinMode(pinButton, INPUT);                  // set button INPUT
    pinMode(pinLed, OUTPUT);       // set led OUTPUT

void loop()
    if(digitalRead(pinButton))                     // when button is pressed
        digitalWrite(pinLed, HIGH);             // led on
        digitalWrite(pinLed, LOW);

In my debian, I installed :

  • Logitech Media Server
  • wifi + root script
  • squeezelite + root script
  • try to install bluetooth (not work)

The packages .deb or root scripts can conflict with arduino code ?
I don't understand why before it work and not now.


Hi, how is your button wired? Do you have a pull-up/down resistor?



The grove starter kit is plug and play, the resistors is integrated in the modules.