Component choice for a SMS display board (cost effective).

Hi All,

I am currently trying to make component choices on for an SMS display board for my senior year project here at Uni. Having limited knowledge about GSM shields and MCU's im not 100% confident on my decisions. I am looking at the Arduino Mega 2560 and was originally going to use the GSM/GPS Playground shield. Being slightly to expenisve i have turned my attention to the ICOMSAT v1.1 ( One-stop Online Shop For Smart Home, HMI Display, Airspy, Diy Kits l ITEAD STUDIO ) but am still not sure on its compatability with the Mega, the reviews seem to focus on using it with Uno.

Finally, im needing an Alphanumeric LCD display that can interface with the MCU intuitvely and simply. I should stress i have limited knowledge on software, and am wanting all the components to be prototyping and software friendly.

Thanks in Advance, any help is appreciated. =)

but am still not sure on its compatability with the Mega

At the web page they explicitly note the compatibility with the Mega. It communicates by an UART (serial RS232-like interface) so you shouldn't have any problems with the Mega.

As for the display: there are masses of displays available ready to be connected to the Arduino platform. You have to specify what you need (how many characters, what size, color, etc.). The cheapest (and well supported) LCDs are the 16x2 character displays with a parallel (4-/8-bit) interface and HD44780 controller.

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and of course our library work with MEGA