component labeled TH1

Would anyone have a guess as to what a little component is labeled TH1? It looks like a 0806 cap.
see photo...

What photo?

Sorry. Had to reduce the size of it.

0806 is odd size. 0805 maybe? 1206?
Maybe the photo will help.

Yes. That's probably the size. Having trouble with photo.
Here's a link to it:

Very Likely... a thermistor.

Thanks. That was my guess, too.

Thanks. That was my guess, too.

All you had to do was put an ohmeter across it while warming it with a hair dryer to see the resistance change.

Yes that's such an obvious observation to make. Not.

Actually, it is obvious because the OP said:

Thanks. That was my guess, too.

He didn't ask "What is a thermister"

Prior knowledge of the function of a thermister, coupled with the suspician that it is a thermister could only lead to some test to confirm it. That's what you would have done. Had the OP not said he thought it was a thermister I would not have said it. If you think a wheel is a wheel , you don't need to roll it, but a thermister is a resistive component and should be measured as such. I think it was an obvious conclusion for anyone who knows what a thermister is, which includes the OP.

I think that whenever possible we should encourage , if not expect, newbie posters to make an effort to apply what little knowledge they have. I think our role should me more like mentors and less like their grandmother who accepts everything they do as if it is acceptable. If you know what a thermister is, then prove it. You can't really say you thought it was a themister but had to ask an International forum just to make sure. I don;t believe the OP thought it was a thermister and if he did, he certainly didn't demonstrate it. If he posted resistance measurements before and after a hair dryer then I would give him an "A". As it is.


Would anyone have a guess as to what a little component is labeled TH1? It looks like a 0806 cap.

see photo...

If he thought it was a thermister, this would have been the time to say so :
"It looks like a cap but I think it's a thermister..."

Does that sound like he thought it was a thermister ? Who is he kidding ? Did he ask "Is this a thermister ?" No , he did not.

Interesting sidenote though: a Google Search of Electronics Reference Designators does not return "TH" listed for thermister. The reference designator listed for thermister is "RT", which , while makes sense from an electronics standpoint, is nevertheless counter-intuitive. One would think that a component starting with "TH" could only be either a thermister or a thyristor. (thyrister wasn't even on the list)

You know as well as I do it is well known the forum has a NO BS policy. If you try to BS here, you're in for a surprise. I think we should all enforce that policy. I know Grumpy Mike does. If I say post something that you think is BS you always call me on it. Why should this OP get any breaks ?
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