Component packages explained


So i thought it would be a good idea to write up a post about what the different packages mean and what they look like and such, so if you have ever wondered what BGA or SIOC or PDIP is, check it out!

thanks, good idea, but posting it once is sufficient I think :)

Yea, i was worried whether two would be too many, although I wanted to reach as many people as possible. This being the only time it'll ever happen since i'm using this as a test as well to see which section will get more attention, then from there on, i'll only post in that one.

BTW, if anybody wants me to add anything or if there are any errors, just say in here.

to expand.. you could go into the led smd packages..etc

5050 on down to whatever,.. 0603 footprint leds..etc

examples of each..

nice start!..

going to read it now! =)

Sounds good! I'll do my next one on different smd packages with certain compontents such as the RGB LED, the Transistors and such. great idea

Good start.
It would be nice to see a comparison photo of the packages side by side.
Some dimensions would be also useful. For example, there are SOIC comes in 2 widths (maybe the packages are even called something other than SOIC, I didn’t check).

It’s true, the SOIC does generally come in two packages, the SOIC-8 and the SOIC-16 although I could not to a general standard of measurements considering not each BGA or DIP is the same. They vary in width and length, there are SOIC-14’s and other sizes. The surface mount types are the only ones that may have specific dimensions. This’ll become apparent in the next post about the SMD components. Thanks for the feedback though! i’ll be sure to change that!

Edit: Fixed a mistake :slight_smile:

Nice job, it's confusing with all the variations, especially when some of them are essentially the same just with a different name or material or whatever but still the same footprint.

And for your next trick, map the bloody TI package names to the names the rest of the world uses :0


And for your next trick, map the bloody TI package names to the names the rest of the world uses

I don't quite understand you. Clarify?

Have a look at a TI data sheet, they use package names like DGN (MSOP-8 I think), DW (SIOC), PW (maybe TSSOP) etc etc. It’s a pain in the arse.

I normally have to get their footprint and match it against existing footprints to see what it really is. Otherwise I have to compare the dimensions.

Here’s an example of the confusion VSSOP-8 = SOT505 = TI’s DCU. What chance have we got :slight_smile:

BTW, you haven’t got the MSOP package and all the DPAK, SOT and TO varieties (if you want to add smaller packages).


Yea, I'll be adding the MSOP into the post that is already up, and i am also making a post about SMD components as well that goes from the very small to the larger.

EDIT: Btw, i'll try to add the TI equivalents to the post by saturday so keep an eye out.