Component Parts Shopping!

I am starting off with electronics and am building up my collection of component parts. However is there somewhere online where I can buy a large assortment of components in one package? Does Mouser offer this sort of deal?

You want an electronic starter kit of some sort. Well here is a basic one. You can probably find it cheaper at another site though.

Its a decent asortmant of parts and comes with a breadboard.

But for the most part the best you will find are assortment packs of particular parts. Like a large assortment of resistors, capacitors or transistors. If your in the market for LEDs you can generally find large quantities of them on ebay for a good price.

why yes there is

their assortments are by catagory but lets you focus in on what you want to build up

bout my only gripe is the lack of usps shipping, but how can you fuss over a mixed bag -o- fifty dip switch arrays for 3 bucks

DUDE! Thanks so much!!! There is a reason you are god member! Thats pretty awesome. How is their service? Any other places you know of either?

service, don’t know! its been a while since I have purchased anything, most of the assortments were marked as bulk or unsorted salvage / overstock with possible defective or damaged units

I payed, it showed up in a reasonable amount of time (for ups…) and I got more than my money’s worth

Also a link to their site regularly appears here on the forums, and nothing but good from them

Other places, ebay, or the hobby shops that sell the experment starter kits, usually there is a place in your local area large city that will have a small warehouse o crap to scrap

(ps: god member means I spend too much time on the fourm)

haha yeah man over 500 posts. haha im so busy i barely get to do much on this but im also just starting. working on my first arduino project right now. hopefully it will be up on the forums in a month or so. thanks for the help though.

I just want to second the idea of eBay. Many people are happy to offer free shipping, which really adds to the value, even if you’re buying from multiple sources. :slight_smile:

I was looking around and saw that Jameco has a lot of grab bags and assortments. Has anyone had any experience with this retailer?