Component that receives signals from a remote?

Hi, just starting to dabble in this and I was wondering if there was a component that can read the signal from a remote like this

Essentially what I'm wondering if it's possible to use a remote like this to send a signal that gets read by the Arduino component and causes a signal in a computer, like turning on a light.

I've read some forum topics, and looked at some components in various online stores, but they all seem to work within a few inches, this remote would be at least 1m away, possibly more. I may be looking at the wrong things. What I want to do is use a program to give a visual countdown to the person that pushed the button that the photo will be taken. I'm pretty sure I can use 4V for the visual countdown part, but I need a way to get the signal into the computer to trigger it.

Thank you for reading!

You just need an IR-receiver. These are 3-pin components.

You will find one in a scrapped home appliance with remote control - e.g. an old TV, VCR, DVD-player, home stereo, you name it.

// Per.

You'd need a part like this

and will have to do some experimenting to find out frequency works best with your remote.

The Canon remote uses standard 36-38 KHz modulation like standard TV-remotes.

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Wow! So small, I was looking at the wrong thing after all. And it looks like with the right amount of experimentation, this is possible! Awesome, thanks!

EDIT: updated for modulation frequency

Here are some signals I just captured for a canon remote

There are 2 diffent types in the signal:

S & 2S (the RAW signals) Modulation Frequency: 33.5 kHz (use 33kHz with IRremot or IRLib)

A, W T (The NEC signals) Modulation Frequency: 38 kHz

May work for your device....

Automatically Generated by AnalysIR - Batch Export Utility
Registered to: xxxxxxxx
Session History
Type : Key : Value : Bits
0 : NEC : : 538D42BD : 32
1 : NEC : W : 538DC23D : 32
2 : NEC : Sb : 538DF807 : 32
3 : RAW : 2S : : 0
4 : RAW : S : : 0

// NB: Not all protocols are supported by IRremote or IRLib. You may need to edit the code below manually
// Automatically Generated by AnalysIR for xxxxxxxx, visit or email info@....... for further details
int khz=33; //NB Change this default value as neccessary to the correct modulation frequency
irsend.sendNEC(0x538D42BD, 32); // AnalysIR IR Protocol: NEC, Key: T
irsend.sendNEC(0x538DC23D, 32); // AnalysIR IR Protocol: NEC, Key: W
irsend.sendNEC(0x538DF807, 32); // AnalysIR IR Protocol: NEC, Key: Sb

unsigned int Signal_2S_3[] = {512,5291,512}; //AnalysIR Batch Export - RAW

irsend.sendRaw(Signal_2S_3, sizeof(Signal_2S_3)/sizeof(int), khz); //AnalysIR Batch Export - RAW
// AnalysIR IR Protocol: RAW, Key: 2S

unsigned int Signal_S_4[] = {512,7189,512}; //AnalysIR Batch Export - RAW

irsend.sendRaw(Signal_S_4, sizeof(Signal_S_4)/sizeof(int), khz); //AnalysIR Batch Export - RAW
// AnalysIR IR Protocol: RAW, Key: S