Components check list?

hey gang..

is there a specific place for one to post a 'parts list' for a 'second look'?

I have this 'parts list' from Eagle.. and Im trying to convert it into a BOM or easier order..

being new though.. Im not even sure if Im doing things correctly or not?

All it looks to give is the Eagle library part name/package/footprint..etc..

So Im trying/guessing at finding the same @ Mouser/Digikey..

however Im not sure if Im doing things correctly?

Somethings on the Eagle parts list are not found in these stores?.. 0603 100nF was not..but 0.1uF 0603 was for example.. is that ok to do?

I can post the parts list if anyone is so inclined or just bored? =)

but didnt want to clutter if there is a specific section/area for this kind of help request?


Check out They have the best searching capability for electronic components available. For example, if you want to find a ,1uF capacitor in say 0805, then start by typing capacitor into the search field. Before long it will tell you there are something like 30,000 to choose from. But there will be list boxes to narrow your search. Select the value, then the package since you know those for sure and click "apply filters." Search through the results to see what you need.

They come in different packaging. There is "cut tape" and so on. You'll probably want cut tape since you're buying a small number. Most fab houses ask for your BOM in an Excel spreadsheet, so build one.

Happy searching!


thanks for the reply…

yes thats exactly how I have been doing it so far.

(I just hope I chose all the correct components from all those options…etc)

ex: I would think somewhere, thre wold be either a tant or elec. type cap being used somewhere… but I dont see anything listed as such on the Eagle export list…etc…


Check the schematic and pay close attention to the symbols used. I wish there was a way in Eagle to enter a value and a part number, in different fields. Heck, add a vendor field too. Digikey, Mauser, Altech... Thent he BOM generation cluld be as soimple as running the BOM.ULP script.

Alas, its not so easy...