Components for using a brushed motor in an electric skateboard.

Hi, I'm currently building an electric skateboard for a school project and I was wondering what components would I need for the electrical part. I picked some with my limited knowledge of electronic and wanted some help on what do I need.

Motor :

Battery :

Bluetooth Module :;43857;390&gclid=CjwKCAjwlejcBRAdEiwAAbj6KS_CKvtFLwqU2mztN4T-B6-aS2eHRpCi80gZsrypzh5_Q26dYddx0xoCiD8QAvD_BwE

(I already have the arduino and some general electronic components)

What else would I need to drive the motor using bluetooth

(And yes, I know that to make a good electric skateboard a brushless motor would be better but keep in mind this is a prototype)

Thanks a lot

Those components are for rc car's. They will have trouble moving you on the skateboard. It will drive the skateboard on it's own. The battery will not last long at all.

Kerrp info mind that brushed and brushless motors have different speed controllers. if you switch over from this prototype to something more permanent you will have to change the whole set.

What is the budget your school gives you for this project?

The motor is rated for 80W at 7.4V, so its nominal working current is 10A, therefore the stall current will be much higher than this - finding a motor driver able to handle the peak current is going to be the key thing... Your battery pack can easily push the sort of current that fries most standard motor controllers, so I think you are restricted to RC ESCs designed for that kind of motor at that kind of power.

And yes, remember a brushed motor requires a brushed ESC, not a brushless ESC, and vice-versa.